Thursday, September 1, 2011 - 11:48

This Christmas, the Eden Project in Cornwall is putting the love back into present giving with their wide range of ethically sourced gardening gifts, which features ingenious sporks, guerrilla seed bomb kits and traditional bee hives.


Since the Eden Project opened ten years ago, millions of plants from different climates have been planted to show visitors that as well as providing food, fuel, materials and medicines, the natural world can be beautiful, relaxing and inspiring.


Eden’s own range of gifts are aimed to help people create Eden wherever they are with products that have all been either recycled, organic, sustainable or fairly traded.


Forget the high street rush this year and pick presents for friends and family at


Guerrilla seed bomb kit £5

Clever seed bombs and grenades, which can be used to transform wasteland, derelict areas or even your own garden, turning into a paradise of beautiful plants and flowers.


Hairy pot plants from £4

A large range of the Eden Project plants are grown in eco-friendly hairy coir pots that you can plant straight into the ground where it will biodegrade naturally. Leaving nothing but the plant!


Recycled leather gardeners kit £18

A crafty little kit that sits on your belt and helps you to keep everything handily in one place. Includes scissors, plant labels and dibbers


Compostable watering cans £5

These colourful watering cans are completely natural and made from 100% renewable materials and minerals with the same hardwearing and versatile uses as plastic but without harming the earth.


Birdie bistro £5

Looks lovely in the garden and, with its own nutrition bar, it’s a great way of providing birds with a reliable source of food all year round.


Eden Project door mat £14.50

Ethically made from tough coir this mat is long lasting and loves muddy wellies. And what an inspirational reminder for gardeners everywhere that we can all create our own Eden!


Gardening spork £35.75

Made from boron carbon steel these highly unusual sporks - a spade and a fork in one - are far stronger than stainless steel and have a lovely hardwood handle. Tough enough to last a lifetime!


Biodegradable leaf sack £2.25

Watch your leaves turn into a bag of beautiful compost with our clever leaf bags. Simply leave them in a corner of the garden and nature will do the rest.

Eden Project brooms from £7

Keep on top of leaves and litter in the garden with these colourful Eden Project handmade brooms. The broomsticks are made out of acacia wood and the straw is treated only with organic textile dyes.


Traditional bee hive with bees £140

Based on traditional bee hive designs, the Beepol lodge has been hand crafted in wood from the UK and comes complete with a live hive of bees. The bees can be delivered separately when you’ve learnt the basics and the time is right.