Wednesday, October 5, 2011 - 09:00

Students and teachers from across the world are coming together at the Eden Project for the first International Conference for Schools.

They’re travelling coming from India, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Uganda, USA, China and France.

All the participants are from schools which have global partnerships with ten secondary schools in Cornwall.

They’ll take part in workshops about becoming active citizens in the global society, learn about sustainability and education throughout the world.

The conference will be opened by the Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir from Uganda and Fowey Community College’s Samba band.

Participants will consider international perspectives on developing leadership skills for a sustainable future.

They will also hear presentations from head teachers from across the world, who will share their thoughts on developing the next generation of global citizens.

The students will prepare for the themes of the conference at their respective schools beforehand and present what they’ve learnt at event in Truro’s County Hall.

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