Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 09:00

The Eden Project is exploring everything there is to know about chocolate next February half-term.

The Chocolate Jungle is a festival taking place from Saturday, February 11, to Sunday, February 19, and will have something for every chocolate lover whatever their age, from connoisseur-style tastings and hands-on workshops to a chocolate-themed trail.

 In the Rainforest Biome visitors will be challenged to a chocolate quest where they can trek through the tropical landscape, see cocoa growing, find out about the farmers and communities who grow the crop and how chocolate reaches us.

Visitors can hear the history of how the plant was transformed from the bitter drink once consumed by the Aztecs to the delicious confectionery eaten today.

Elsewhere there'll be mouth-watering tasting sessions where everyone can learn how to see, feel, smell, taste and even hear the difference between types of chocolate. 

The delicate processes of harvesting cocoa pods and blending, refining and tempering will also be shown.

Plus there are hands-on chocolate making sessions where children can make their own delicious treats.

In the Eden Bakery and cafés there’ll be pastries, cakes and even savoury dishes made with chocolate, and a large selection of chocolate goodies to buy in the Eden Shop.

Emma Hogg, Eden’s programme producer, said: “Next February half-term we’re exploring the fascinating story of chocolate, often described as the ‘food of the gods’.

“Come and see cocoa growing in the world’s biggest rainforest in captivity, learn how chocolate is made and, of course, taste it!”

All Chocolate Jungle activities are included in the price of admission to Eden. For more information on the festival, go to:

Eden’s glittering ice rink will be open too during half-term and until February 26. For skating times and prices go to