Friday, April 20, 2012 - 18:00

Intricate illustrations of some of the most brilliant and deadly species of the plant world are on display at the Eden Project as Freaky Nature continues until June 1.

The work of Eden’s Florilegium Society is the subject of a new exhibition in the Arena.

Over the past decade the society has been studying and illustrating Eden’s plants and their work has been used in signs and publications across the site.

The collection includes paintings of a variety of plants, from delicate native flowers to striking pitcher plants found in the rainforest.

Each botanically accurate work is painstakingly crafted before going through a strict approval process overseen by a panel made up of society members Jenny Brasier and Sarah Gould, along with Eden’s Horticultural Science Curator Dr. Alistair Griffiths.

Alistair said: “We are proud to be able to display the work of the Florilegium Society during Freaky Nature. The beautiful illustrations have been used at Eden for many years, but it’s great to see them in their full glory.

“The meticulous representations show hidden details that you might not get the chance to look at otherwise.”

As well as the exhibition, visitors can also delve into the dark side of plant life and find out why some species have become carnivorous, deadly and even been made illegal all in the name of survival.

Each day at 1pm, Eden’s experts are giving a talk where people have the chance to see bugs and microbes on a giant scale through powerful microscopes.

Little ones can get involved at the Bug Boutique where they can dress up as an insect or plant be it a caterpillar, ladybird or daffodil.

To find out more about Freaky Nature, go to:

Eden Florilegium and the Eden horticulture team are running a botanical drawing and illustration workshop in October. For more information, call 01726 811932 or email