Friday, July 27, 2012 - 10:30

The Eden Project in Cornwall has launched its own range of delicious new ice creams, with flavours inspired by the tropical rainforest.

There are nine flavours in total, all derived from plants that can be found in Eden’s magnificent Biomes:

•    Caramel and Panela
•    Chocolate and Panela
•    Passion Fruit and Panela
•    Hazelnut and Panela
•    Mango, Yoghurt and Panela
•    Lime, Cardamom and Panela
•    Strawberry Sorbet and Panela
•    Clotted Cream Vanilla and Panela
•    Coconut, Baobab and Panela

The ice creams are made using the unique ingredient panela, unrefined Colombian whole cane sugar, which creates a rich depth of flavour similar to caramel.

Panela is extremely important to Colombians, as the traditional, sustainable production of the crop enables around 300,000 people to earn a living.

Cane sugar can be found growing in the crops area of Eden’s Rainforest Biome.

Mangos, vanilla pods, cardamom and cocoa are also grown in the Rainforest Biome, while limes are grown in the Mediterranean Biome and strawberries can be found in the outdoor gardens.

To create the new range, Eden has teamed up with local ice cream producers Roskilly’s, who use milk from their own herd of Jersey cows, and Hasslachers, producers of pure Colombian drinking chocolate.

Andrew Holden, Eden’s Procurement Director, said: “In working with two of our key suppliers, Roskilly’s and Hasslachers, we have been able to combine great local knowledge with exceptional ingredients to create a truly extraordinary treat.

“The ice cream even gets the Colombian seal of approval. When the Colombian Ambassador Mauricio Rodriguez came to sample the new ice cream range, he was overcome with how authentic the Rainforest Biome is and so impressed with the ice cream that he immediately ordered a crate of each flavour to serve to guests at the London Embassy.”

Neil Stark, Eden’s Retail Manager, said: “With such intense and unusual flavours, the new range of ice cream is a tasty way to help people understand how important plants are.

“Ice cream is also a great way to cool down after seeing the way the ingredients are grown in the Biomes.”

The extraordinary ice cream is on sale at Eden and at Maltby Street Market in London. Eden is also looking for new outlets to bring the exciting flavours to the rest of the UK.