Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 11:07

The strong bonds between Cornwall and a region of Mexico populated by emigrant miners were strengthened when tourism minister Juan Renato Olivares Chávez visited the Eden Project.

The Secretary for Tourism and Culture in the state of Hidalgo was given a tour of the site and the famous Biomes as part of a five-day visit to Cornwall.

His aim is to attract more visitors to come to a region first populated by Cornish miners and their families in the 19th Century and which now has a thriving pasty industry as a result.

He was welcomed by David Rowe, Head of Media Relations at Eden, and accompanied by Marion Symonds, owner of Portreath Bakery who has worked with the Cornish Mexico Cultural Society to strengthen links between the two communities.

Marion is also a leading light in the Cornish Pasty Festival at Redruth, held  in September, and has twice visited the town of Real Del Monte in Hidalgo for the three-day international pasty festival held annually since 2009.

Eden is home to the World Pasty Championships every March and there are discussions about the potential linking of the three pasty events which all celebrate Cornwall’s “national dish.”