Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 16:00

The recently-appointed Chair of the Eden Project Ltd (EPL), Judith Donovan CBE, and Sir Tim Smit, Co-founder, have announced the creation of a new development unit.
Spearheaded by Sir Tim, Eden Regeneration will focus on the creation of new projects, for which Sir Tim is so renowned.
Sir Tim has stood down from the EPL Board to take up the new role as Executive Chairman with Eden Regen. Creative Director Dr Tony Kendle has also left the main Board to join Eden Regen in leading the exciting work that is gaining momentum on groundbreaking projects. 
Definition between the well-established Eden destination and this start-up innovation work will help Eden to drive forward in a difficult economy to the next stage of development.
Gaynor Coley, formerly EPL Chief Executive, Enterprise, has taken overall executive responsibility for ongoing performance and has become the Executive Director of the Eden Project.
In a joint statement, Judith Donovan and Sir Tim said: “Over the last 18 months, the Eden Project's activities beyond the destination have expanded significantly, exploring major research and education partnerships and pursuing collaborations that will give Eden an international platform.
“We have decided that formally recognising the different needs of development and operations provides a powerful statement of our future ambition. The two companies will work very closely together and retain some directors in common to underline the fact, but the split enables each of them to strengthen their performance and governance by bringing in new experienced non-executive directors.
“Eden Regeneration will retain the role of a creative agency for the destination, because the destination's quality defines all else we do. Idea development and business start-up require different skills and attitudes to risk and finance than does operating an established organisation and we recognise that having two companies enables us to have the best of both worlds."