Thursday, November 14, 2013 - 15:16

Sir Tim Smit, Co-founder of the Eden Project in Cornwall, has set climate scientists a unique challenge during a recent My Climate & Me interview.

Sir Tim asked the scientists the following question: “For approximately $300 billion US dollars you could plant swathes of trees across the sub-Saharan latitudes and into India to a quantity that would be sufficient to remediate climate change for a thousand years.

“Do scientists believe [the extra clouds] caused by planting these trees could have this effect?”

Sir Tim is keen to get a scientific answer to this question to determine whether it could be effective in slowing climate change.

My Climate & Me is a channel that allows the public, businesses and personalities such as Sir Tim to pose their climate-related questions to world leading climate scientists at the Met Office and other science institutions.

Rob Hutt, presenter for My Climate & Me, said Sir Tim’s question has prompted a science discussion to be hosted at the Eden Project which will see climate scientists gather in person and via video conference to look into the question.

Rob explains: “We are really excited to be organising this science discussion to find an answer to Sir Tim’s question. We will be filming the discussion and posting the video on when we have an answer. In the meantime my job is to make sure that the right people are invited to take part and work through the maths and physics to find out the answer. We’re just as interested as anyone else to find out the answer so watch this space!”

Sir Tim Smit’s interview is now live at: