Thursday, March 27, 2014 - 17:20

We’d like to say sorry to any visitors disappointed by the unexpected closure of the Eden site today.

This was a very rare event in our 13 years of being fully open to the public and was all down to a burst water main.

This was spotted shortly before we were due to open this morning when one of the team saw a plume of water shooting out of a grassy bank at the top of our site at Bodelva.

The water supply was immediately turned off. Facilities Manager John Oxenham rapidly assembled a team to investigate the problem, which turned out to be a broken joint in the main pipe.

Because this is the main supply into Eden, it meant we would not have had a good source of drinking water and hot water for our visitors.

A replacement section of pipe was found and fitted as quickly as possible and by late this afternoon the full water supply was safely and securely restored.

Eden’s Head of Estates Ian Merchant said:  “It’s a pity visitors weren’t able to come in today. This was one of those extremely rare occasions when we have had an unplanned closure and we worked flat out to fix the problem as quickly as we could.

“It is all fixed now and we will be back to business as usual tomorrow.”