Thursday, March 6, 2014 - 10:51

A vivid display of tulips is flowering in the Eden Project’s Mediterranean Biome, around a month before they are set to bloom outdoors.

The vibrant red and pink Apricot Impression tulips are the first blooms of the biggest ever spring flower display in Eden’s Mediterranean Biome. When it hits its peak in mid- to late-March, around 25,000 tulips will be flowering in the Biome, twice as many as last year. The display is due to last until mid-April.

Catherine Cutler, Eden’s Mediterranean Biome supervisor, said: “It’s great to see the first of our beautiful Mediterranean Biome tulips flowering, earlier than they would outdoors because they’re so well protected from the elements. This is the start of what we expect to be our best ever indoor spring flower display.”

Around 100 varieties of tulip have been planted in the Biome, including Angelique, an exquisite double tulip with pale pink petals, changing to apple-blossom pink at the edges.

The world’s first blue-fringed variety, Blue Heron, will also be part of the display as well as Queen of Night, a classic black tulip. Rounding off the season will be the late-flowering scarlet variety Red Georgette.

The tulips in the Biome will add to a site-wide display of around a million bulbs, including daffodils, crocuses and others, which will ensure Eden is swathed in vibrant colour throughout the season.