Friday, April 11, 2014 - 16:00

The Big Lunch and Start UK are holding a free panel event at the Eden Project in Cornwall on Sunday, April 27 discussing what community means in today’s society and how collective action can lead to more sustainable lifestyles.

The panel will be made up of a range of experts in the art living and working sustainably, including River Cottage chef Steve Lamb and Jen Gale, author of the blog My Make Do and Mend Year.

They will be sharing their inspirational stories and showing how actions big and small can lead to big changes. The audience will be invited to share their own experiences and ideas and put questions forward to the panellists too.

The event marks the start of the Resourceful Big Lunch Week, where organisations across the UK will team up to show how organising a Big Lunch can be a fun, easy and cheap way to make new friends and feed local community spirit.

Each day, The Big Lunch website: will have new material to inspire people to make a difference in their community, from delicious recipes and tips on home growing, to fundraising ideas, resourceful craft activities and competitions. There will also be daily Twitter Q & A sessions with a number of experts; sharing their thoughts on resourceful living and its impact on communities.

The Big Lunch is a simple idea from the Eden Project to encourage neighbours to get together on the first Sunday of each June. The lottery funded initiative, which takes place on June 1 this year, provides the perfect recipe for people to have fun, feed community spirit and help build stronger neighbourhoods.

The Big Lunch will be hosting the event along with Start UK, an initiative inspired by HRH the Prince of Wales that aims to promote the link between a sustainable lifestyle and a higher quality of life.

Trudi Holden, Big Lunch Communications Manager, said: “At The Big Lunch, we believe that no one person is an island and that people are stronger when they work together.

“We’ve put together this panel event to stimulate ideas and conversations about how people can find simple and sustainable ways to work together and inspire people to create change in their own neighbourhoods through ideas such as The Big Lunch.”

The event takes place from 12pm until 1pm in the Gallery overlooking Eden’s Biomes. It is free and the audience will receive free refreshments and pastries on arrival, along with free entry to Eden for the day.

To book a place, go to or email Trudi Holden on