Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 11:30
Five hundred volunteer dancers are heading for the Eden Project on Sunday (March 15 2015) dressed to play the part of bacteria in a film which will be seen by thousands of visitors.
The film is being made by Bill Wroath, one of the 12 artists Eden has commissioned to create new exhibits that explore the unfolding story of the human microbiome. He has been working with lead choreographer Jules Laville, a team of dance leaders and Dr. Simon Lock of iDat.
The film will be part of a new permanent exhibition at Eden entitled ‘Invisible You -The Human Microbiome’.  Supported by the Wellcome Trust, the exhibition will have accompanying programmes of live science events, web and formal education and opens on May 22.
Bill Wroath has been enlisting the help of volunteer dancers to take part in the event.
The installation artist has also worked in Theatre and Opera as an accomplished sculptor, producing commissioned works for the Welsh National Opera Company, London West End theatres, and several regional theatres and the Eden Project.
Bill Wroath said: “People have found taking part in the rehearsals tremendous fun, with specially choreographed easy-to-learn movement sequences.”
Choreographer Jules Laville said: “It is going to be an incredibly moving human experience.”