Tuesday, June 9, 2015 - 10:45

There is more energy-busting fun at the Eden Project with several new play areas newly opened.

Playful steps have been built leading up to the Visitor Centre. Visitors can scramble their way up and down to meet their friends and family using the steps as a playful way of getting in and out of Eden.

The barefoot trail goes through the beautiful Outdoor Gardens from the Core education centre and around the front of the Mediterranean Biome. Visitors can take their shoes and socks off and walk through a range of different textures, some soft and some squidgy, and get in touch with the great outdoors.

Along with the soft play area in the Core building, the Nest climbing frame and hopscotch outside, the Playful Steps and Barefoot Walkway are fun additions to an already playful site.

The Eden Project’s motive for installing these new play areas is to encourage outdoor activities.

Jo Elworthy, Director of Interpretation, said: “Play is a vital part of childhood and integral to the Eden ethos. We want to create more playful areas for our visitors and get people outside interacting with nature.

“Play helps children understand the natural world and each other; it encourages socialising and the ability to create robust societies. There are many benefits of getting outside such as re-connecting with nature, having social play with other children, taking (managed) risks and connecting people with each other.”