Friday, June 12, 2015 - 12:00

A stunning picture of a tree frog peeping out of a carnivorous plant has won illustrator Lauren Wilmshurst a new ASUS 2-in-1 tablet and laptop in the Eden Project’s first Twitter photo competition of 2015.

Lauren, from South Chailey in East Sussex, landed the amazing shot in one of her favourite spots near the entrance to the Rainforest Biome where there is a collection of tube-shaped pitcher plants known to attract, trap and feed on insects.

She said:  “I don’t think I’ll ever get over the childish excitement of knowing there are plants that eat animals rather than the more usual alternative. Out of curiosity, I tilted one of the pitchers to see if it had any dinner — then jumped backwards because I glimpsed what I thought was a slug.

“When I went to have another look, and realised the ‘slug’ was in fact a White’s tree frog showing more olive than green in their skin at the time.”

Lauren said she had tried on several previous occasions to see a frog in the Biome and had virtually given up hope when she spotted the tiny amphibian.

She added:  “Beside myself with excitement, I begged my friend Natalie to get my camera out of my bag and take pictures to record my lucky find. As I carefully tilted the pitcher so she could get a better angle, the frog started to clamber out. He perched on the rim for a bit, looking puzzled by his audience, then made his way to a new hiding place in nearby foliage.”

Lauran and Natalie both studied illustration at Falmouth University.  They see Eden as a great source of inspiration.

She said they were thrilled with the prize:  “Although I tweeted, the photo was a collaboration, and I said when I entered that if I won Natalie could have the laptop. I don’t need a new one, but Natalie’s old laptop is large and heavy. The ASUS will make a great difference.”

Eden’s digital content manager Tom Trinkle said:  “We had some amazing entries in our first Twitter photo competition of 2015 but Lauren and Natalie’s was a clear winner.  It is one of the best wildlife pictures we have seen taken at Eden.”

Eden is giving away an amazing ASUS Transformer Book T100 Chi 2-in-1 convertible tablet and laptop each month over the summer of 2015.

To enter the competition, people simply have to tweet photos of any aspect of Eden to their followers and include the #edenphotocomp hashtag. Full details of the competition can be found online at

All entries to the competition so far can be seen on Twitter: