Thursday, July 23, 2015 - 10:45

Sixty-two pairs of prescription glasses from the Eden Project’s lost property collection are being sent to India to help improve people’s sight.

These lost spectacles will be handed over from Eden to the St Austell branch of Lions Club International who will be sending them onto Lions Recycle for Sight.                             

In partnership with Lions Eye Camps, Lions Recycle for Sight ships old spectacles to areas of India to help restore sight to thousands of people.

Lost property at Eden is usually kept for six weeks and then uses are found for the items depending on what they are. Previously items have been recycled, re-used on the Eden site or given to charities.

Barry Merrifield, St Austell Lions Club Service Committee Chairman, said: “The glasses donated from the Eden Project will get graded and recycled enabling people of all ages to regain better eyesight. This enables people to return to work and gives young people, who had previously acted as guides, the chance to gain an education.  

“Donations of prescription glasses are part of the Lions Clubs Sight First Programme, which over the last 100 years, has helped more than 450 million people from becoming blind via eye treatment, vaccinations and education.”

Barry Merrifield has been serving the St Austell Lions Club for the past 27 years and will be collecting the glasses from the Eden Project.

The Lions Club International is an organisation which aims to meet the needs of local and global communities. They are known for their charity work, which they achieve through running various events.

The glasses will be handed over by Brigid Branney, who works on Eden’s Visitor Experience Admissions team.

Brigid said: “My husband is part of the St Austell Lions Club, so I knew that this was something that they did. That’s when I suggested it. I just wanted to make sure something useful happened with the glasses.

“We get a lot of lost property items here at Eden and we try to make sure that all unclaimed items find a home, either here or elsewhere. It’s nice to know that they are going to people who need them.”