Tuesday, September 22, 2015 - 11:15

The Eden Project’s apprentices from a range of different teams have created a new super-fruit chutney as part of a nine month-long project called Plough to Plate.

The Plough to Plate project is the culmination of the first year of Eden’s biggest ever apprenticeship scheme and was designed to help encourage the development of the team.

The chutney launch event on Friday (September 18) took place exactly a year after the programme launched.

Plough to Plate was run by a group of 13 apprentices and started in January 2015. The project encouraged the apprentices to work as a team to design and promote a new product to potentially sell in the Eden Project shop.

The product had to be grown by the horticulture apprentices, cooked by the chef apprentices and presented by all apprentices, including those from the HR, media relations and graphic design teams, at the end of their first year.

The apprentices decided to create a tomato and chilli chutney, with Lucuma fruit. The Lucuma fruit is sweet tasting and has been compared to maple syrup. Lucuma is rich in iron and beta-carotene, which is an important source of vitamin A. It is also an anti-oxidant. It is claimed to have amazing health benefits.

The jars that the chutney comes in are reusable and come with information leaflets will be displayed alongside them. The leaflet will not only explain the product but will also inform the public about apprenticeships at the Eden Project, and each of the apprentice’s roles within the project.

The product will also help promote healthy living and is aimed at families and tourists visiting Eden.

Jed Langdon, Learning and Development Specialist, HR, said: “The Plough to Plate project was designed to get the apprentices working together across their disciplines while focussing on one of the most important stories we tell at Eden - our dependence on plants for food.

“They have worked exceptionally hard to produce a fantastic product that is in-keeping with Eden's values and have learnt a lot about the process it takes to bring a sustainable product to market. They have also learnt about the challenges we face in running live projects and the teamwork and leadership it takes to overcome these. We are incredibly proud of them and what they have achieved!”

Jessi Hill, Media Relations Apprentice and Team Leader of the Plough to Plate project, said: “There have been many challenges that we have faced along the way, but we have had lots of interest, support and encouragement, which has kept us all going. I’m proud of what we have accomplished as a team and I’m glad we got the opportunity to do this project.

“This project has taught me so much about being a leader and about how projects are run in businesses. It has also helped me see how different people from a variety of job areas can work together to create something.”

The Eden Project’s apprenticeship scheme is run in partnership with Cornwall College.

As well as learning in their day jobs and doing in-house training at Eden, the apprentices also develop their skills at either Cornwall College or Plymouth College of Art.

Eden’s apprenticeship scheme is part of a formal education programme that has been funded by a grant from the Edge Innovation and Development Fund.

The grant fund was established in the year of the tenth anniversary of the Edge Foundation, an independent education charity, to support innovation in technical, practical and vocational education.