Friday, February 19, 2016 - 10:45

The Eden Project is offering free entry and a complimentary cake for mums and grans this Mother’s Day (Sunday March 6).

Families can enjoy a special Mother’s Day lunch inside Eden’s Mediterranean Biome and take a spectacular floral tour of the world through the gardens.

Thanks to the mild winter, it looks like Eden will be enjoying its most dazzling spring for years. Mums and grans can enjoy the beautiful varieties of flowers, shrubs and trees outside and undercover.

In the Rainforest Biome there is a collection of tropical palms, including the unique bottle palm, critically endangered in its native Mauritius, which is due to flower in early March. The Rainforest Biome also boasts the towering royal palm with its pink and white flowers.

In the Mediterranean Biome spring arrives early, and in the South Africa area, bright orange and creamy yellow flowers are in bloom. Aromatic shrubs are also flowering, including Agathosma “the scent of Africa”. Visitors will also be able to see the magnificent citron, a type of citrus fruit resembling giant lemons.

In the outdoor gardens, trees and shrubs begin to burst into life and the sweet scents of witch hazel (Hamamelis) and Nepalese paper plants (Daphne bholua) linger on the breeze. In the Wild Cornwall and Myth and Folklore areas, visitors can enjoy British wildflowers - bluebells, primroses, violets and campion - at their best.

Becky Fenner, Eden’s Hospitality Manager, said: “Whether visitors are having a stroll through the garden, having a nice lunch in the Mediterranean Biome or simply spending time with family, we want Mother’s Day at the Eden Project to be extra special for mums and grans.”

For free entry to Eden on the day all mums and grans must have at least one of their children or grandchildren accompanying them. Please visit for more information and details on the menu for the day.