Wednesday, June 15, 2016 - 14:45

The Eden Project is making a big splash with a unique new fragrance for men, featuring the overpowering scent of the titan arum, the world’s biggest, smelliest flower.

Eau de Titan is the essence of the plant also known as the corpse flower.  Its scent –which has been compared to ripe camembert, dead rat and rotting fish – has been extracted and bottled for the first time.

The campaign is designed to draw attention to this fascinating and rare plant, as well as take the world of designer fragrances in “a bold, completely-new direction.”

Eden is launching the fragrance today, backed by a short video advert shot in the Rainforest Biome and inspired by classic aftershave and perfume commercials. The advert can be viewed at

The freshly-bottled scent will be tried out on visitors to see whether its incomparable whiff has mass-market appeal.  

An Eden spokesman said: “With Eau de Titan we are boldly going where no perfumer has gone before by creating a unique essence from something so pungent.

“By doing so, we are not only challenging men to wear the most heady fragrance imaginable but we are also telling the story of this rare and fascinating plant.”

He said that Eau de Titan would appeal to men who want to emulate the plant’s powerful appeal and feel the strength of the divine titans of Greek myth.

The spokesman added: “The distinctive odour attracts insects brilliantly so it stands to reason it should work on people too.”

The Titan arum – proper name Amorphophallus titanum - is a rare and striking plant that originates in Sumatra, Indonesia. It is very difficult to cultivate, but Eden’s resident expert “Tropical” Tim Grigg has succeeded in getting 21 to bloom in its Rainforest Biome in the last 15 years, including an unprecedented nine this year.

The launch of Eau de Titan - “a fragrance that exudes power” – coincides with the blooming of the latest giant flower at Eden, now measuring a titanic 250cm. This most recent bloom was grown from the same corm (the plant’s underground storage organ) as Eden’s biggest ever titan, which reached 291cm in 2011.

According to Guinness World Records, the tallest bloom ever was a titan arum grown in New Hampshire, USA, in 2010 which reached a height of 3.1m.

Pollinated by beetles and flies attracted to the stench, the titan arum is a striking horticultural marvel. This spectacular plant usually lives for between seven and 10 years before opening up  for as little as 48 hours.

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