Saturday, August 20, 2016 - 10:00

The Eden Project’s fearsome T. rex made a dramatic escape last night (Friday August 19) and caused mayhem at Fowey Royal Regatta in Cornwall.

Crowds on the Town Quay had a big surprise when the prehistoric giant stomped down the narrow streets and went roaring around the waterfront.

The ferocious beast slurped a pint of bitter, had a staring match with a small dog, posed for selfies, was calmed down by the regatta Fairy Queen and then apprehended by a friendly policeman before being whisked back to Eden.

Keepers say that the mischievous predator had been trying to break loose for weeks and finally managed to flee beyond the boundaries of the site at Bodelva near St Austell.

They are warning locals and visitors to keep a close watch and report any further sightings of via Twitter and Instagram at #rexontherun.

Chief wrangler Steve Peck said: “It’s the summer of the big beasts. We’ve heard reports of a puma on the loose, a great white shark off the north coast and now someone leaves the cage open and our scariest dino goes on the rampage. We got it back safely but who knows when it will go on the run again?”

The T. rex is one of the big stars of the show at Eden’s Dinosaur Uprising: Land, Sea and Air and is regularly spotted in the outdoors gardens, lurking around corners and behind trees.

The biggest-ever dinosaur programme at Eden is proving amazingly popular with visitors to the home of the famous Biomes.

New for this year, there is an awe-inspiring underwater section, allowing visitors the chance to dive into oceanic depths to “swim” with ancient aquatic creatures, including the majestic Plesiosaur.

Also new this year, the Mediterranean Biome is home of the flying Pterosaurs. From the strange-looking Dimorphodon with its oversized head to the mighty Pteranodon, visitors are learning little-known facts about these ancient flying reptiles.

They also have the opportunity to get close to some life-sized dinosaur jaws, to learn about eating and hunting habits as well as marvel at the giant teeth.

Particularly popular with younger children, a friendly long-necked Titanosaur offers an insight into the lives of the mighty vegetarian sauropods, the largest animals ever to live on land.

The ever-popular dig pit – where children can wield pickaxes and chip away at rock to reveal a massive dinosaur fossil – is another big draw for families.

Dinosaur Uprising: Land, Sea and Air runs until September 4 and all activities are included in the standard Eden admission fee. Opening hours are extended until 8pm on Mondays to Thursdays during the season.