Thursday, March 9, 2017 - 13:00

A golden egg hunt and a fabulous new wobbly rope bridge in the rainforest treetops are two of the many delights awaiting visitors to the Eden Project for the Easter holidays.

The home of the famous Biomes is going even more ‘egg-streme’ for Easter at Eden this year (April 1-17) with a whole basket full of seasonal delights.

Every day 12 fabulous golden eggs will be hidden across the Eden landscape. Finders will bring them to The Eggschange in return for a delicious prize.

In the main arena it will be time to roll up, roll up and take part in colourful games of Eggla, Hook-a-duck and Pickled Eggs.

In Egg Scramble teams will have two minutes to hunt for as many eggs as possible in the crazy Easter garden, full of inflatables, ball pools and more.

In another game called Slide Eggs, visitors will be able to crack an egg and throw it on target as they bounce down inflatable slides.

Nestball players will help chicks and Easter bunnies reach their comfy nests safely – all they need is an accurate throw.

The Mediterranean Biome will host live storytelling, where Eden’s amazing tale-tellers will spin wonderful yarns in the beautiful surroundings of the Citrus Grove.

Aside from the fun with all things egg over Easter, from March 18 Eden is giving visitors the chance to trek across an aerial rope bridge, shelter from tropical rain and travel through clouds with the opening of a thrilling new rainforest walkway called The Weather Maker.

Eden’s Production manager Chris Pritchard said: “We are going to the ‘egg-streme’ with all our fun and games for Easter. By the start of the holidays we will have opened our fabulous new attraction in the Rainforest Biome called The Weather Maker, which tells the vital of story of the tropical rainforest and climate.”

The Weather Maker is the latest phase of the Rainforest Canopy Walkway and enables everyone to explore the Rainforest Biome – the world’s biggest indoor rainforest - from the treetops.

It has been developed with academic support from the University of Exeter and the Met Office. A thrilling new feature is the wobbly Canopy Rope Bridge stretching 23 metres among some of the tallest trees in the 50 metre-high Biome.

There is an accessible Cloud Bridge where visitors can travel through swirling rainforest clouds and get a sense of how they reflect sunlight and help cool the planet.

In the Rain Shack visitors can shelter from a tropical rain storm and discover how rainforests make rain.

A Rainforest Research Camp displays the latest research from scientists at the University of Exeter who are working in the tropics exploring links between climate change and rainforests.

The Climate Platform features an installation that explores the relationships between the atmosphere and the climate.

Interactive exhibits include the transpiration tree where visitors can pump water upwards to see how it travels through the tree and into the sky to form clouds.