Friday, July 28, 2017 - 11:45

A new Korean garden is planned for the Eden Project in Cornwall after the Korean National Arboretum signed a memorandum of understanding with Eden.

A delegation led by the KNA Director General Dr You-Mi Lee has visited Eden to meet with the executive team.

The agreement has identified joint initiatives in conservation, training and horticulture. One project will focus on the creation of a Korean garden at the Eden Project. This will be an ecological garden illustrating Korea’s extraordinary progress in regenerating natural habitats.

Both Eden and KNA share a deep commitment to conservation and championing the value of natural habitats to society. Eden was part of a workshop held in Korea last year on biodiversity restoration hosted by KNA and participated in the opening celebrations for the new botanic garden in the de-militarized zone (DMZ).  

Eden Chief Executive Gordon Seabright said: “We are greatly looking forward to working with the Korean National Arboretum. We share so many values and ambitions.

“The regeneration of biodiversity is a key theme for Eden and the Koreans have shown global leadership in rebuilding their ecology.”