Saturday, March 2, 2019 - 19:00

A baker from Kent has won at the Eden Project’s World Pasty Championships, after being forced to miss last year’s competition due to the Beast from the East snowstorm.

Jill Martin, whose pasties are dubbed “Kentish knockers”, claimed first and third prizes in the Open Savoury Professional category at the prestigious event today (Saturday). Jill’s winning pasty contained egg, sausage and bacon.

Jill said: “Cornwall has a famous pasty and I thought ‘why hasn’t Kent got one’ so I decided to create one. I’m still in shock from winning. I’m delighted and I will come back next year even more determined.”

Billy Deakin from Redruth, who won the Cornish Pasty Amateur prize in the first two years of the competition, was again victorious in that category on his return after four years away from the contest today.

His four-year-old son Carter, who wasn’t even born when Billy was last crowned champion, also competed in the Cornish Pasty Junior category.

Billy said: “Carter wanted to go to the championships because he’s getting into his cooking and I thought if I’m bringing him I’ll have a go as well. I’ve had two wins and a third place so it’s nice to get the trophy back. Carter loved it but he needs a bit of crimping practice.”

The Pure Pasty Co., based in Virginia, USA who won with a controversial barbeque chicken pasty laced with pineapple in last year’s competition, were once again victorious in the Open Savoury Company category with a turkey and cranberry pasty.

Mike Burgess, who runs the company, said: “It feels amazing to win again, I can’t believe it. The turkey and cranberry pasty is basically an American fusion pasty that contains all the flavours of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. It’s been so popular in our shop that we’ve had to introduce it all year round.”

Also in the winners’ enclosure was Don McKeever from Bristol, the most decorated pasty-maker in World Pasty Championships history, with three wins and one second place to his name going into this year’s competition. Don was victorious in the Open Savour Amateur category with a butter chicken, butternut squash and mushroom pasty.

The championships are the hotly-contested finale of Cornish Pasty Week and for the first time hosted a new competition to find the World’s Fastest Crimper, a title claimed by Ingrida Sauguniene of Rowe’s.

The Pasty Ambassador award, given to a person who has furthered the cause of the Cornish pasty, was given to Jason Jobling, the chair of the Cornish Pasty Association.

Nearly 200 pasties made by amateurs, professionals, juniors and companies competed in the gala contest held at the home of the famous Biomes near St Austell in Cornwall. Bakers travelled from Cornwall, Canada, the USA, Wales and Ireland for the competition.

The entries were closely scrutinised by a panel of 40 judges.

Among the sponsors of the various classes are Carters Packaging, Cornish Mining World Heritage Site, Craft Bakers Association, Heygates, St Austell Brewery, and Cornwall Heritage Trust.

Alongside the pasty competition, Eden presented a fabulous day of entertainment on a stage in the Mediterranean Biome, headlined by celebrated shanty singers and soon-to-be film legends Fisherman’s Friends.

The full winners of the World Pasty Championships 2019:

Cornish Pasty Company
First – Rowe’s Cornish Bakers
Second – Cornish Bakehouse
Third – Prima Bakeries

Open Savoury Company
First – Pure Pasty Co. with a turkey and cranberry pasty
Second – West Cornwall Pasty Co. with a chicken Thai red curry pasty
Third – Friary Mill with a vegan curry pasty

Cornish Pasty Professional
First – Jack Edensor from Bodmin
Second – Damian Grochowalski from Bodmin
Third – Paula Heath from Bodmin

Open Savoury Professional
First – Jill Martin from Deal in Kent with an egg, bacon and sausage pasty
Second – Paula Heath from Bodmin with a smoked ham ploughman’s pasty
Third – Jill Martin from Deal in Kent with a cheese, apple and onion pasty

Cornish Pasty Amateur
First – Billy Deakin from Redruth
Second – Vanessa Farr from Bristol
Third – Rhys Heath from Bodmin

Open Savoury Amateur
First – Don McKeever from Bristol with a butter chicken, butternut squash and mushroom pasty
Second – Jon Lovejoy from Plymouth with a spaghetti bolognese pasty.
Third – Katy Biddle from Portskewett, Monmouthshire, Wales with a Welsh lamb curry pasty

Cornish Pasty Junior
First – Summer Lovejoy, 10, from Plymouth
Second – Millie Piotrowicz, 9, from Portreath
Third – Jodie Health, 13, from Bodmin

Open Savoury Junior
First – Amy Meredith, 9, from Porthleven with a chilli beef pasty
Second – Jodie Heath, 13, from Bodmin with a sweet and sour chicken pasty
Third – Imogen Hawkins, 10, from Truro with a chicken, onion, carrot and pea pasty