Tuesday, July 23, 2019 - 10:15
A majestic gorilla drawn in the sand at Watergate Bay is the stunning prelude to the Eden Project's Earth Story summer event.
The gorilla image, which measures 50m across, was created today (Monday) by artist Marc Treanor to celebrate Earth Story opening on Wednesday (July 24).
One of the stars of Earth Story is an incredible life-like mountain gorilla, which visitors will be able to meet in the Project's Eden Field Base area.
A video of the artwork can be seen at
Emma Evans, Eden’s Marketing Director, said: "We chose a stunning canvas – the beach at Watergate Bay – and an image of an iconic endangered species to create what we think is a hugely impactful piece of art.
“Marc Treanor's incredible work has really brought the gorilla to life and the tide eventually washing the image away is a poignant reminder of the fragility of life on Earth."
Earth Story will tell a compelling tale of life as we know it, leading visitors on a journey through the planet’s astonishing past, precarious present day – and a future that’s ours to make.
As well as the gorilla, another awe-inspiring star of the season will be a giant mammoth skeleton. Standing at more than 3.5m, the model skeleton will be situated in the Cave of Lost Giants in Eden's Stage area.
The mammoth is a dramatic symbol of species loss. The last of these massive beasts is thought to have died out around 4,000 years ago due to climate change, habitat loss and hunting.
Elsewhere, Eden visitors will be able to marvel at the magical Cabinets of Consequence, a stunning showcase of the intricate web of life that connects us all.
Exploring Wild Britain, they will discover the forgotten animals that roamed freely around our landscapes in the past – and find out about some that are making a comeback.
Visitors can hear about the plants and animals on the brink of being lost forever, and be inspired by people and projects from around the world that are working to save them.
Clambering through the tunnels and nets of the brand new play area known as the Minibeast Mansion will allow the under 10s to see the world from a new perspective.
Visitors can also come face to face with a giant armadillo in the Lost Giants Safari, an incredible Virtual Reality Zone.
Families can take on the Beach Clean Up challenge to uncover what might be lurking in the sand, follow a trail to discover weird and wonderful plants and animals from across the globe, and join the Eden storytellers for a trip to a very unusual Library.
Earth Story at the Eden Project begins on Wednesday (July 24) and runs through the summer holidays until September 3. All activities, with the exception of the Lost Giants VR experience, are included in standard Eden admission. The VR experience costs £5 per person.
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