Tuesday, June 25, 2019 - 17:00

Snow Patrol have just announced that they have to cancel their Session at the Eden Project this Saturday, as well other forthcoming summer shows, due to medical issues facing two members of the band.

Apologising for the cancellations, the band explained it was due to Johnny McDaid and Nathan Connolly not being able to perform.

The Eden Sessions will be making a full refund, including booking fee, to people who bought tickets to the Snow Patrol Session and will be notifying the purchasers directly about how to apply for their refund.

Here is the band’s statement: “Our dear brother Johnny McDaid has recently been experiencing pain in his neck and back. After what he hoped would be a routine MRI scan at the end of last week he was given the terrible news that one of his discs has burst and his spinal cord has been severely compressed to the extent that, the medical consensus is, further compromising of the cord could result in permanent loss of dexterity in his hands and even paralysis if it is not treated. After consulting with some of the top neurosurgeons in the world they are all in agreement that the only course of action is immediate surgery.

“We are all of course in shock about this and worried about our brother Johnny. He is a force of nature and a giant light in our lives on stage and off and we of course will give him all the time and support he needs to recover. Johnny has been incredible in the wake of this news and has remained calm at a time when a lot of people might freak out.

“As for the upcoming shows: to replace Johnny it would take at least two people and with Nathan still out with nerve damage (he is slowly on the mend) so he is also still unable to play guitar we feel it’s just not appropriate to continue with shows at this stage. It isn’t just their guitars and pianos that would be missed. Their backing vocals are essential to our sound and their energy and spirits are colossal and are irreplaceable forces.

“Am sure you all understand that at this point the most important thing is to take time to let our brothers heal and recover so we need to cancel the forthcoming shows we are billed to play in Europe this summer up to Latitude on the 20th of July to give them both time to recover.

“As the doctors have said Nathan needs another 4 weeks recovery we are sure that we will be able to do the acoustic tour of Asia, Australia and New Zealand in august as Nathan will very likely, and hopefully, be healed in time.

“We will of course keep you informed of both Nathan’s and Johnny’s progress. We have hardly ever cancelled shows in 25 years together and we don’t do it lightly. We hope you all understand. We are sorry to miss the shows but health is the most important thing. All our love and healing to our brothers Johnny and Nathan.”

Snow Patrol ticket holders who had planned to visit Eden generally on the day of the concert, Saturday, or the day after (Sunday) by using their snow Patrol Sessions tickets can still do so but please note there is no concert on Saturday evening.