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Truffula tree

Where it grows

Before being harvested to extinction, the truffula was endemic to (ie only found in) Truffula Valley. It grew under the watchful eye of the Lorax, the guardian of the forest who speaks for the trees.

Common uses

Owing to the touch of its tuft, which is softer than silk, the truffula was the sole source of material for the highly popular 'thneed', invented by the Once-ler. It was harvested with a Super Axe Hacker, which could fell four truffulas at one stroke.

Conservation story

In spite of warnings by the Lorax, the guardian of the forest, the large-scale manufacture of 'thneeds' by the greedy Once-ler led to the truffula becoming extinct. However, it is rumoured that a boy named Ted has been given the last seed.

Wildlife facts

The brown barb-a-loot (a mammal of the family Ursidae) depends on the truffula for its main source of food: the tasty purple fruit of the tree. Since the deforestation of Truffula Valley, the brown barb-a-loot population there has migrated to the surrounding area.


The movie Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax © Universal Studios. Based on The Lorax book and characters TM & © 1971 Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. All rights reserved.


Funny, as a Seuss fan, I had an entirely deefirfnt reaction to this movie. I actually found that the rather complex story about greed, listening (and not listening), and taking personal responsibility for your actions was replaced by a sappy, simplistic, and ultimately unhelpful message that TREES ARE GOOD! Indeed, they sanitized the story to the point that it was comfortable for them to have the Lorax hawking Mazda SUVs and IHOP sugar-coated kiddie breakfasts.They actually took quite a bit away from the actual book to shove in this whole Thneed-Ville plotline that I felt was trite at best. I put my review of it over at my blog StopHittingYourBrother.com if you're interested. I agree it's not a bad movie for kids, but compared to the absolutely faithful and brilliant Horton Hears a Who interpretation, this one is wholly lacking in the nuanced allegories that makes Seuss so fantastic.

Wow! I want to see them for real too. Thank you.

I have a bush in my back yard, the "flowers" look like the truffula tree tops from the movies. Any ideas what this plant is? I love the looks of it.

I have something similar called a 'Mimosa' plant. It could be that, though I'm not sure. The flowers are soft to the touch and pink.

I wish Truffula Trees were real. Since that is not so, i thought of a craft i could do with my younger brothers. We are going to use black and white striped pipecleaners and use a hot glue gun to put on the puffballs. Then we'll put them in a pot on our front porch. :)

save the truffula trees! say's bobby bus BEEP BEEP!!!


I <3,<3,<3 theLorax!!!!!

Watch the official Lorax movie trailer

Get a flavour of this amazing film, and what inspired our great event at Eden. The film is out in the UK on 27 July.


  • Crown: cluster of leaves and branches at the top of trunk.
  • Ovoid: three-dimensionally egg-shaped with broader end at base.
  • Panicle: multi-branched collection of flowers (inflorescence).
  • Striation: linear mark.