On Monday 15 August 2016 we discovered a mysterious egg in our Rainforest Biome. We moved the egg to a safe place and pointed a night vision camera at it. During the morning of Tuesday 16 August, a Dimorphodon hatched from the egg!

The Dimorphodon is a medium-sized pterosaur. Pterosaurs are flying reptiles that emerged alongside the dinosaurs in the late Triassic period, and over a period of 180 million years diversified into all different shapes and sizes from the size of a sparrow to a spitfire plane. 

You can meet pterosaurs as well as land- and sea-based dinosaurs at Dinosaur Uprising at Eden from now until 4 September.

Naming competition

Tell us what we should name our baby pterosaur and you could win a family ticket (two adults and two children) and a deluxe dinosaur goodie bag, including a model of our baby pterosaur, plus other dinosaur models made by Rebor and goodies from the Eden Shop (see photo below).

How to enter

You can enter the competition in two ways: 

  • on Facebook here (just leave a comment on the post with your suggested name)
  • or on Twitter by tweeting your suggested name with the hashtag #hatchosaur

This competition has now closed. See the full terms and conditions here.