Summer Locals' Passes can only be bought at the Royal Cornwall Show, 7-9 June 2018 inclusive.

On-site activation / proof of residency

When you first visit after buying your Pass, you will need to come with the appropriate forms of identity, chosen from the list below:

Proof of residence with photo ID

Ideally, you should bring one piece of identity that shows residence in either Devon or Cornwall (i.e. postcodes starting with TR, PL, TQ or EX), and has your photo on, such as a driving licence or bus pass showing your current address.


Non-photo proof of residence plus photo ID

If your photo ID does not show your Cornwall or Devon address (i.e. if this residence is not your primary address, or if it is a bus pass or work badge and does not show your address), please also bring in additional proof of your residence in Cornwall or Devon, such as a utility bill.


Three forms of proof of residence

If you have no photo ID at all, please bring three pieces of identity that show residence in either Devon or Cornwall (i.e. postcodes starting with TR, PL, TQ or EX), such as utility bills.

Proof of residency for children

Buying a Locals' Pass for your child as well? Simply bring them along with you, and we'll use your own proof of residence. If you're sending them along with an adult who doesn't live at your house, please get them to bring in your own proof of residence.


All tickets are non-refundable.

Start date and expiry

Passes are valid from date of purchase (NB. see activation requirements above) until 31 October 2018.


Adult Locals’ Pass holders (over 16’s) will be photographed upon activation of the pass & the image will be securely stored. These images will only be used for identification purposes when arriving on site & to prevent misuse of the Locals’ Pass.

General use

Your Locals' Pass cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and remains the property of Eden Project Limited. Locals’ Passes are not valid in conjunction with School visits. Locals' Passes are non-transferable, once registered. Pass holders may also be asked to confirm proof of identity when re-visiting using their Locals' Pass. Passes may be cancelled and the holder refused entry if the holder is unable to confirm proof of identity to match their pass on subsequent visits. Passes may not be re-sold.