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Bee & Bug House

This Bee & Bug house comes with a bee guide and a packet of wildflower seeds for attracting them into your garden.

This attractive triple chamber, multi-insect habitat is made from sustainably sourced timber and offers a variety of potential habitats to garden-friendly insects.

Ideally located near flowering or scented plants, they provide over-wintering habitats for insects such as:

  • Lacewings (natural aphid predators)
  • Ladybirds
  • Solitary Bees (non-aggressive garden pollinators)

As well as other beneficial insects during both summer and winter.

This gift pack also includes a guide to solitary pollinating bees and a pack of wildflower seeds specially selected to attract them, which you can sow in your wildlife garden.

Why have an insect house in the garden?

Insects like ladybirds, lacewings and solitary bees are friends to the gardener. Attracting and maintaining these insects in the garden helps plant pollination and assists the natural predation of garden pests such as aphids and greenfly.

A population of ladybirds and lacewings is the natural way to reduce reliance on chemical means of pest control.

Dimensions: 240mm (h) x 170mm (w) x 105mm (l)

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Price: £26.50

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