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Beneficial Insects Gift Bag

Start attracting those beneficial insects today with our handy little gift bag.


  • Bug Box
  • Teasel Seeds
  • Bugs on Bushes Field Guide

Bug Box

Our bug box and insect habitat provides a perfect winter haven for sheltering in until spring appears.

The holes may be used by solitary bees such as Mason Bees or Leafcutter Bees, which are non-aggressive and excellent for pollinating in the garden.

The durable roof and solid timber construction give excellent insulation for over wintering Ladybirds and Lacewings.

Teasel Seeds

Make a statement in your garden by planting these Teasel wildflowers in your garden

Planting teasel for a wildlife garden is not only good for beneficial insects such as the hoverfly but is also a great addition to a butterfly garden especially for the following species:

  • Common blue
  • Small copper
  • Common skipper

Bugs on Bushes Field Guide

This 12-page laminated fold-out chart is a name trail designed to help children identify the insects and other invertebrates found in the foliage of plants.

Jute Bag

This unique gift set is all wrapped up in one of jute bags and therefore helps reduce unnecessary packaging.

Choose from Leaves, Lemons, Limes & Snapdragon.

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Find out about Eden's Mud Between Your Toes project.

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