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Butterfly Feeder

This wooden feeder is designed to attract butterflies and bees in to your garden.

Easy and simple to use, our butterfly feeder is particularly important at the start and end of the summer season when natural nectar sources from suitable plants may be in short supply.


  • Made from sustainably sourced wood
  • Bright yellow roof
  • Sponge – soak this in our butterfly food
  • Landing platform
  • Additional nectar cups which can be filled with liquid butterfly food.

Soak the sponge in our butterfly food or in a sugar/water solution to encourage butterflies to the feed station.

Both the nectar cups and sponge are removable and washable to allow for good hygiene.


Site the feeder in a warm sheltered location preferably near flowers to draw in the butterflies

Dimensions: 190mm (h) x 120mm (w) x 85mm (l)

Price: £7.50

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UK Delivery: £5.75

Gift wrapping available on this product

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This product is available for gift wrapping and will be delivered in an Eden Project jute bag
with a tag.

Butterfly Facts

• Butterflies do not have any lips or teeth, just a long coiled tongue.

• Most butterflies only lay their eggs on a few selective host plants, with each species having a preference for different plant types.

• Butterflies can select suitable plants by a combination of sight, smell and taste, with the butterfly identifying chemicals from the plant which signals it being a suitable host species for food.

• When an adult butterfly emerges from a pupa, the butterfly pumps fluid into its wings to expand them which is followed by a hardening process to allow the butterfly to fly.

• Butterflies in all stages of their life are preyed on by a wide variety of predators in the form of mammals, birds, spiders and other insects.

• Adult butterflies use colour to attract mates, avoid predation, but also to raise body temperature by basking and warming up. This is particularly important in British butterflies.

• A butterfly has thousands of lenses in its eyes.

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