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Butterfly & Moth Habitat and Feeder

This butterfly and moth habitat and feeder attracts butterflies to your garden and provides a safe place for butterflies to feed, roost and hibernate.

Design features:

  • Constructed out of sustainably sourced timber
  • Removable feed tray
  • Small nectar feeding pots
  • Coated in ultra violet paint to attract butterflies
  • Safe over-wintering chamber

How does this feeder attract butterflies to the garden?

The butterflies are attracted by the ultra violet paint on the feeding tray, so find this habitat utterly irresistible.

TOP TIP: Poke purple or pink flowers such as buddleia (butterfly bush), lavender or rosemary through the feeder, for best results.

What do I put in the feeder?

  • The small nectar feeding pots can either be filled with the butterfly food featured on our website, or a sugar and water solution.
  • The central, larger feeding pot can be used to offer fruit and flowers to help attract butterflies.

Which butterflies will I attract to my garden?

This will very much vary according to your location, but because many types of butterflies and other wildlife are constantly seeking refuge, you may find rare species using the butter feeder – a real treat!

Look out for:

  • Small tortoiseshell
  • Peacock
  • Comma butterfly
  • Silver winged fritillary
  • Bumblebees in spring

How to position the butterfly feeder

  • Site the box in a south-facing position so it catches the sun for most of the day, but especially the morning if possible.
  • Ideally keep sheltered from prevailing winds.
  • Butterflies are naturally attracted to pinks, purples and yellows, so try and position near a clump of flowers in these colours.
  • If the feeder hasn’t been used after 12 months, or in the appropriate season, reposition in another area.


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Five tips to attract butterflies to your garden

  • 1. Plant a colourful garden - instead of planting flowers as individuals, plant in clumps of colour. Butterflies are particularly attracted to pinks, purples and yellows, so plant in broad colour clumps. Think about having a bed solely full of lavender, or rosemary. We sell butterfly seeds, which are a collection of flowers that butterflies can't get enough of. Plant these for a lively garden full of wildlife.
  • 2. Create a butterfly hotspot - butterflies only fly when they are between 28-38 degrees. So allow large flat stones to heat up in the sun, so butterflies can sunbathe on them to warm up. Fussy things, aren't they!
  • 3. Put attractants in your garden to feed butterflies, like this butterfly and moth habitat and feeder - butterflies will be attracted to the UV paint in the feeder, and eventually roost and hibernate inside this home. There'fore you're giving them a nice safe place to sleep.
  • 4. Understand butterflies - we have books on our webshop so you can get to know butterflies a little better. 'Attracting Butterflies To Your Garden' is a great read for wildlife lovers. It explains their life-cycles, recognising butterfly species, breeding and overwintering information. There's even a chapter about how to photograph butterflies.
  • 5. Avoid using chemicals in your garden - you're not just killing your weeds and pests, you could be killing butterflies and their eggs too! Switch to something natural. Our coir compost is naturally anti-fungal, pest and insect resistant, so it'll not just give your plants the best start, it'll also help you avoid the use of chemicals.

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