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Chicken Barn

Chicken Barn made from recycled plastic and available in four colours.

Design Features:

  • Made primarily from 9mm thick recycled polyethylene
  • Suitable for a maximum of up to 7 larger birds or 16 bantams.
  • Two nest boxes
  • Three removable perches
  • Door design means it won’t trap dirt in the door slots
  • Quick & easy access to the nest box
  • The nest box has roll-away nest box inserts to help keep the eggs clean

Access to inspect the birds can be gained via a full width back door which detaches using quick release pins. When the door is removed, there is no ‘lip’ on the floor edge.


The roof removes in seconds allowing easy access for cleaning. The outside wall of the nest box can be quickly and easily removed for cleaning by undoing 3 quick release pins. If required, the entire nest box can be detached from the Barn by removing 4 quick release pins.

There a few crevices for pests (such as red mite) to hide in, and the house can be thoroughly cleaned very easily – in seconds if you have a pressure washer and it will dry out very quickly.  


The Barn has 2 adjustable circular vents and permanent under-eave ventilation. Even though the walls are made from black plastic, the house remains surprisingly cool, even in strong, direct summer sunlight.


  • Overall dimensions: 106 (w) x 94 (h) x 161 (d) cm (including ramp, roof overhang and nest boxes)
  • House dimensions: 106 (w) x 94 (h) x 120 (d) cm (excluding ramp, including nest boxes)
  • Internal dimensions: 64 (w) x 77(h) x 110 (d) cm (excluding nest boxes)
  • Perches: 3 perches, each 64cm usable length
  • Nest boxes: 2 nest boxes, each 31 (w) x 17-40 (h) x 30 (d) cm (internal measurement)
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Price: £530.00


It is delivered flat-packed and can be quickly assembled by following the comprehensive instructions in our User Guide - you should allow about an hour for this if it is the first time you have assembled one of our houses.

Most parts are held together using clips made from our own waste plastic, though quick release clips (linch pins) and some other parts are metal.


Being plastic, the house requires no routine maintenance.

Recycled Plastic

This chicken barn is manufactured from flat sheets (2.4 x 1.2 m) of recycled plastic, typically 6, 9 or 12 mm thick, sourced from a plastic recycler.

Standard sheets are black in colour. A thin coating can be applied during manufacture to provide a coloured surface on one side. Additives are used to make the plastic ‘UV stable’, to minimise colour fade when exposed to sunlight. Sheets are smooth on one side and have a lightly textured ‘hatch’ pattern on the other.

The recycled plastic is made entirely from used food-grade plastic, primarily post-industrial waste. All plastic waste from the manufacturing process is returned for recycling to make more plastic sheet – this makes manufacture almost a zero waste process.

Some of the off-cut plastic is recycled to make the small 'Pi Clips' supplied to hold the houses together. The metal fasteners are made from stainless steel or other rustproof alloys, to provide a long outdoor life. Being metal, they can all be recycled.

How this gift helps

The Eden Project is an educational charity and social enterprise and when you buy anything from our shop, you're supporting our work and educational programmes.

As well as offering our visitors to Eden a memorable, educational day out, we also use our expertise to work with local organisations across the world.

In Thailand, we have been working with local organisation FORRU on reforestation projects to restore large areas of degraded tropical forest. Over 65,000 trees have been planted and community training and learning has been shared across the country building up a network of local knowledge on how to protect rainforests and conserve natural resources..

Find out more about the projects at Eden.

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