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Coffea Arabica

Coffea Arabica

The Coffea Arabica plant is a great gift for plant and garden lovers, their very own coffee plant. Ever wondered what an actual coffee plant looks like?

You can grow your own now with this indoor plant. There will be more than one plant per pot which you can divide and pot on seperately if you wish.

Native to:
Asia and Tropical Africa
Eventual height:
5 m
Eventual width:
2 m
Full-partial sun
keep moist during Spring & Summer, but much dryer during Autumn and Winter
Direct sunlight, but likes bright light.


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It will require potting up every Spring into a slightly larger pot.

Further information

It requires humid, warm environments, so use a mister to water the plant during Spring and Summer. Optimum tempertures for the coffee plant to thrive is between 16 and 24'c. It will take up to 4 years before it flowers and you can harvest your own coffee beans.

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