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Cold Frame - Double

Double cold frame made from recycled plastic and available in four colours.

Most cold frames on the market are made from wood or metal, both of which suffer badly in the UK climate.

Design features:

  • Rot & rust proof
  • Resistant to chewing, which helps deter rodents.
  • Clear plastic panels are made from PETG which is strong and can be recycled.
  • Easy to use latch mechanism – this allows the lid to be held open almost vertically, providing easy access.
  • The same mechanism allows the lid to be closed partially or fully.
  • Carry handles at each end.

Being plastic, there are few crevices for pests to hide in, and the cold frames can be easily cleaned.

If you need to dismantle your cold frame for any reason, perhaps because you are moving house for example, you can easily do so and then rebuild it just as easily - your cold frame will not be damaged by this process.

External Dimensions: 119 (w) x 47 (h) x 71 (d) cm

Price: £190.00


How this gift helps

The Eden Project is an educational charity and social enterprise and when you buy anything from our shop, you're supporting our work and educational programmes.

As well as offering our visitors to Eden a memorable, educational day out, we also use our expertise to work with local organisations across the world.

In Thailand, we have been working with local organisation FORRU on reforestation projects to restore large areas of degraded tropical forest. Over 65,000 trees have been planted and community training and learning has been shared across the country building up a network of local knowledge on how to protect rainforests and conserve natural resources..

Find out more about the projects at Eden.

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