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Compost Activator

This compost activator turns grass, leaves and garden waste into valuable, dark, rich, crumbly compost in less than half the time of any other compost maker.

Benefits of using this compost activator:

  • A good idea if you gradually add to your compost heap
  • Use a compost activator if you are a beginner to making compost. It will speed up the process, making the whole process so much easier.
  • Useful to add in cold weather, as the compost pile will not generate so much heat, therefore not ferment so well.
  • Good if you have a lot of brown matter, such as dried leaves, straw, sawdust, as this does not contain so much nitrogen and wont compost so well.

What is a compost activator?

Our liquid compost activator is full of nitrogen and lovely enzymes, which break-down organic matter. This beneficial bacteria speeds up the composting process, giving you the best, rich compost. Composting is good for your garden and good for the planet. We love it and using this fast method means that your compost bin doesn't get too full.

Why use a good quality compost and why make your own?

A better compost, means a more fertile soil, better quality crops and better yield of fruit.

Making your own compost is far cheaper than buying it from garden centres, and you can control the contents, ensuring you have just the right compost for your soil and what you are planning to grow.

Size: 500ml

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