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Conservation Mini Mammal Habitat

Our mini mammal house is perfect for dormice and other small mammals.

Design features:

  • Made from sustainably sourced timber.
  • Recycled plastic inner skin
  • Decorative wooden log outer - providing extra insulation.
  • Apex roof, which sheds water effectively keeping the house bone dry.

The round entrance hole for the creatures is at the rear of the house and needs to be covered during inspection using the supplied recycled plastic blanking plate.

This slots neatly between the two wooden hangers and prevents the creatures escaping when the hinged green inspection door is opened using the wingnut.

In normal use, the rear entrance hole should be left uncovered. 

Note: Dormice are a protected species and inspection should only be carried out by a licensed worker if dormouse occupation is suspected.

Size: 285mm (h) x 245mm (w) x 180mm (d)

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Price: £44.00

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