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Conservation Solitary Beehive

Interactive solitary bee hive (up to 1000 bee cells) with opening egg cell trays and external mesh protective woodpecker guard.

This high specification solitary beehive is particularly aimed at conservation professionals, orchard and fruit growers and pro-landscapers.

Design features:

  • Made from solid sustainably sourced timber with screwed construction technique
  • Space for up to 1000 bee cells
  • Three different solitary bee nesting systems are incorporated into one
  • Hinged woodpecker guard on the front of the beehive puts the solitary bee larvae out of reach of these greedy birds.

On either side of the solitary beehive are professional stackable beehive trays. These are secured using retractable threaded screws accessed via the lifting lid. The stackable trays allow larvae inspection for the purpose of monitoring and parasite control.

The second precision drilled solid block provides maximum insulation for the overwintering larvae of the solitary bees.

The third style nesting tube is provided by the 8mm cardboard tubes. Again another professional choice these 8mm tubes are designed to be replaced annually to prevent parasite build up. They may also be used in conjunction with professional paper inserts so that inspection can be performed to a pro-level.

Size: 275mm (h) x 520mm (w) x 260 mm (d)

Price: £150.00


Solitary Bees

Over 90% of our bee species are solitary, and although these solitary species may often nest in dense populations, each nest is the work of a single female.

The offspring of those solitary bees active in spring complete their development in the late summer and over-winter as adults, emerging the following year. Offspring of the later-appearing species over-winter as full grown larvae and mature the following spring.

There is a selection of common solitary bees that can be found in Britain's gardens. These can be formed into two groups, the Mining Bees and the Cavity Nesting Bees.

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