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Cork Chopping Board

These multi-use cork chopping boards are practical for any sized kitchen.

Design features:

  • Flat top surface perfect for chopping on, with smooth curve-edged underside for serving on
  • Use as a heat resistant mat
  • Naturally anti-microbial and anti-fungal
  • Cushions knives allowing them to stay sharper for longer
  • Made from sustainable cork – better for the environment
  • Lightweight, non-slip and water resistant
  • Stylish enough to leave out on the kitchen worktop
  • Naturally biodegradable if disposed.

Why is cork a good material?

Cork is actually the bark of cork oak trees. Only the outer layer of bark is harvested at a time, allowing the tree to generate and be harvested all over again in the future. This process does not harm the tree in any way. Each time the cork is harvested, the tree absorbs more carbon from the atmosphere – helping out our planet.

We use cork for our chopping boards, because they are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, making it the perfect material for food preparation. Especially handy if you need to maintain a really sterile house, e.g. for the elderly, convalescing, or children.


Small - 22cm x 15cm - perfect for herbs, slicing lemon for drinks

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Price: £10.00

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Gift wrapping available on this product

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How do I look after my cork chopping board?

Hand wash only in hot soapy water, avoid prolonged soaking. Not suitable for using in the microwave.

When shopping can be good for the planet

We've taken care to source the greenest products to sell in our shop. That includes making sure that they're not overpackaged, or that they're made from recycled goods, so that they don't add to the waste mountain.

We also watch our waste at the Eden Project, recycling as much as we can, and even turning the food left overs from our cafes into soil through a giant composter!

Watch this video on how Eden 'does waste'.

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