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Double Pink Camellia

Camellia x williamsii 'Debbie'

Double pink camellia 'Debbie' is a great favourite and a reliable camellia to grow.

The beautiful double pink peony shaped flowers are in a rich shade with a hint of lavender. This camellia's upright habit and glossy evergreen foliage make it an ideal plant for a container.

Debbie is an evergreen shrub that is resistant to cold weather down to -10'c.

Camellias are found all over Cornwall and are a definite sign that spring is on the way!

Native to:
Developed from a Cornish hybrid
Eventual height:
3 m
Eventual width:
3 m
Full hardy
Full-partial sun
Well drained, moist, humus rich acid to neutral soil
Rich pink peony
Dark green
Flowering period:
February to April


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Low maintenance. Prune after flowering to shape. Shelter from strong winds. If grown in a container do not feed after August to avoid plant damage.

Further information

Our 2L 'Debbie's' are well developed with approximate heights and spreads of 0.4m x 0.2m.

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