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Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey'

Our fig tree is a striking shrub with its fabulous luxuriant foliage coupled with the ability to bear edible fruits.

The spring crop is poor, but the summer figs are abundant and ripen over time. They are often grown against a warm sunny wall to make it more fruitful and allow the fruits to mature.

They can be grown as a specimen tree. Our 2L trees are approximately 40cm in height and have no fruit on them. The 9cm potted plant is smaller.

Please be aware during spring the foliage will only be starting to appear on the plant. As the weather warms up and improves they will burst into life.

Native to:
Eastern Mediterranean
Eventual height:
6 m
Eventual width:
6 m
Full hardy
Full-partial sun
Any fertile, well drained soil
Flowering period:
June to September
Sap is an eye irritant. Unripe fruit is said to be poisonous.


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Medium maintenance. Prune to shape especially if you wish to train your fig against the wall. It is necessary to restrict root growth if you require fruit rather than luxuriant growth which makes them a good candidate for a container.

Further information

The figs produced are edible and lovely to eat when fully ripe. They can also be dried for later use. The fruit take 12 months to ripen in the UK. Small fruits overwinter to ripen the following year. Figs also have various medicinal uses.

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