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Foxglove Seeds

Plant up your garden with this beautifully familiar, tall foxglove.

The tall foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) is a familiar wild flower found in heaths, woodland clearing and hedgerows. The tall stem has spikes of purple bell like flowers that appear between June and late September.

Did you know the wild foxglove will only have flowers down one side of the stem, whereas cultivars will have the flowers spiraling around the whole stem. It is a very popular bee plant and the humble bumble bee can often be seen right inside in the flower getting to the nectar. The foxglove plant thrives in most soils so would be a great addition to any wildlife garden. It is a great plant fore the Heath Fritillary butterfly.

The foxglove plant is also famous for being the source of the lifesaving drug digitalin (for heart failure), and because of this all parts of the foxglove can be harmful.

If consumed, seek immediate medicinal advice.

There are approximately 3900 seeds in the packet which are from cultivated stock. Please do not scatter any of the seeds into the countryside.

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