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'Frogitat' Frog/Toad House

Our frog & toad house is a safe haven for these loveable amphibians.

The Frogitat offers valuable protection from predators and provides a naturally cool, safe space.


  • Overwintering shelf at the rear
  • Open front area in contact with the moist ground for when it gets too hot.
  • Made from hi-fired, frost-resistant ceramic
  • Earthy green, mottled, part glazed finish.  

This amphibian dwelling is both functional and a pretty addition to the garden environment.


Site the Frogitat in a damp, cool, shaded, undisturbed position. In winter the Frogitat may be covered in an extra layer of vegetation to provide additional cover. No other maintenance is required.

Dimensions: 150mm (h) x 210mm (w) x 210mm (l)

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Price: £18.50

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More Information

The Frog/Toad House is important in providing safe space near a pond away from domestic dogs and cats. There are also many predators for frogs, so the home can help survival rates. A friend to the gardener frogs and toads eat garden pests like slugs.

Frog & Toad Facts

Differences between frogs and toads - frogs have moist skin whereas toads are dry and warty to the touch. Also frogs have long rear legs designed for jumping, toads have shorter rear legs designed for walking. Frogs have 2 distinct ridges running down either side of their back, but this is absent in toads.


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