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Insect Hotel

Insect hotel designed to provide a home for lots of different beneficial insects.

This stylish insect habitat is made from sustainably sourced timber and is filled with an array of different sized drilled wooden nesting tubes. The different sizes help to attract a variety of insects, such as:

  • Ladybirds
  • Lacewings
  • Solitary Bees

The central drilled wooden bee tube is painted in a contrasting water-based blue paint.

The hotel can be used with tube liners that allow for careful management of the developing larvae. These removable liners can enable inspection of the developing larvae for parasites and predators that may kill the developing bees.

Why attract insects to the garden?

Beneficial insects are the gardener’s best friend.

Ladybirds - Ladybirds are regarded as beneficial to the garden as they eat a lot of insects that damage plants, such as aphids, scale insects and thrips.

Lacewings - Lacewings are veracious predators of aphids making them a very beneficial insect to have in the garden.

Solitary Bees - Bees are highly effective pollinators, feeding on plants of the same species and transferring pollen from flower to flower in the process.

Bees play a vital role in food production, with one third of the food we eat dependent on pollination by bees.

Size: 385mm (h) x 270mm (w) x 140mm (d)


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