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Junior Wormery

Our junior wormery gives your kids first hand experience in making their own compost with their own wriggly worm pets.

Alternatively if you live on your own this size wormery is the perfect size for you to make compost from your kitchen waste. It is the younger brother of the original wormery and so has a top quality rubberised lid seal making it safe to use indoors or out - no escaping worms here!

Comes with everything you need to get started including the worms.

This wormery's 21 litre capacity is ideal for small flats, studios and single person use.

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Price: £40.00

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  • Capacity : 21 litres
  • Height : 44cm (17.3 inches)
  • Diameter : 34cm (13.4 inches)
  • Ideal for children/single-person use
  • Great for balconies
  • Rubberised lid seal and brass aeration vent
  • The Original Wormery’s younger brother!
  • Everything you need included (including the worms!)

Why use a wormery?

  • Decomposing organic waste such as garden waste and food can lead to high methane levels when it is disposed of at landfill - methane is not only a potential fire risk but also a greenhouse gas contributing to global warming
  • slims your bin and reduces the amount of waste going to landfill
  • prevents the need for polluting bonfires
  • reduces the need to water your garden
  • increases plant growth and health
  • replaces the need to use chemical fertilisers and pesticides
  • replaces the need to use peat from fast-disappearing peat bogs
  • your plants will thank you for it!


What is a wormery?

A wormery is an easy, efficient system of converting ordinary kitchen food waste into liquid feed and rich organic compost through the natural action of worms.

How does it work?

The wormery is divided up into a number of chambers. In one of these live the Tiger Worms (it's OK, you don't have to touch them - you probably won't even see much of them). All you do is drop your daily kitchen waste into the bin and forget it. The worms feed on the food waste and convert it into concentrated liquid feed and bio-rich organic compost.

What can I put in?

Wormeries will accept your ordinary kitchen waste such as peelings, cooked and uncooked scraps, tea bags, eggshells, paper kitchen towels, even shredded newspaper etc. In fact virtually any organic kitchen waste can go into a wormery.

What do I get out?

From your wormery you will get a strong, nutrient-rich liquid feed, which you dilute with water prior to use as an excellent plant food for house plants, garden flowers, shrubs, vegetables or as a lawn feed. Also, a rich organic compost known to keen gardeners as black gold.

Why worms?

Nature has provided us with the perfect waste disposal unit in the worm, and Tiger Worms are simply the most efficient at dealing with organic waste. They live their whole lives in the dark, moist atmosphere of the wormery; eating the waste material you put in and converting it into liquid feed and compost. The worms are native to the UK and occur naturally outdoors wherever there is organic waste such as an old compost heap. All we have done is harness their abilities more efficiently by producing the ideal environment for them to work in.

Does it smell?

No. Well designed wormeries (like these) should not smell at all. As the waste material you put in starts to decompose it is consumed by the worms, thereby effectively eliminating the possibility of odour. The rubberised compression seal also helps to minimise any risk of odour as the food starts to break down.

How your gift makes a difference

The Eden Project is an educational charity and social enterprise and when you buy anything from our shop, you're supporting our work and educational programmes.

Our projects range from gardening schemes for the disabled or the homeless through to wild play schemes that help young kids reconnect with the world around them.

Watch this video to get a taste of our projects.

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