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Kingfisher Bird Bath

Bird bath made from recycled materials featuring a metal Kingfisher.

Sit back, relax and watch the birds splash around in this delightful kingfisher themed bird bath. Having one of these in your garden provides birds with water to bathe in and drink.

Make sure you site your bird bath somewhere the birds will feel safe and away from predators. Where you locate your bath and the type of plants you have around it will determine which ones will come and use it.

Produced in Zimbabwe by a local group of artisans, this lovely bird bath is made from recycled oil drums and reclaimed metal.  Each one is individually crafted with great care and skill.

By purchasing this bird bath you’re helping to provide the local artisans with a stable income and a good standard of living for them and their families.

As each one is handmade they are all unique meaning they all have their own markings and poses, no two are the same.

Each bird bath is finished with a high quality varnish, but you may need to paint it once or twice a year with a boat varnish to keep it in pristine condition.

Size: 32cm diameter

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Price: £39.95

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