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Leaf bag

Turn your leaves into compost with the help of our leaf bags.

Falling autumn leaves in your garden might be regarded as a chore, but to organic gardeners they are a source of rich nutrients for the forthcoming spring planting.

Not everyone has a compost bin and if you do, it might not be big enough to accommodate the huge amount of leaves which one small tree can produce.

Once the leaf bag is filled, simply leave the bag in a corner of the garden.The leaves and the leaf sack will biodegrade and you will have that corner stone of green gardening, wonderful compost.

Price: £2.50

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How your gift makes a difference

The Eden Project is an educational charity and social enterprise and when you buy anything from our shop, you're supporting our work and educational programmes.

Our projects range from gardening schemes for the disabled or the homeless through to wild play schemes that help young kids reconnect with the world around them.

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