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Mini Bug Box

Our mini bug box is the perfect winter hotel for ladybirds to stay until the warm weather arrives and is a great gift for nature loving children.

Ladybirds are well worth looking after and having in your garden as they love to eat aphids, scaly insects, mealy bugs and mites which all, in turn love to eat your plants.

The mini bug box lets your children study the bugs and insects in the garden that are essential to pollination and that eat aphids and greenfly which destroy plants.

Ladybirds have to have pollen in their diet so you will find them on plants such as dandelions and scented geraniums, red clover and herbs such asbronze fennel, dill, coriander, caraway, angelica, tansy and yarrow.

This interactive Bug Box comes complete with a 16 page project booklet and real functioning habitat for interested juniors.

Height: 100 mm x Width: 160 mm x Depth: 70 mm

Weight: 0.20 kg

This item is available for Express Delivery - next working day, if ordered before 12 noon (excluding weekends)

Price: £14.50

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UK Delivery: £5.75

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This product is available for gift wrapping and will be delivered in an Eden Project jute bag
with a tag.

Why have a Bug Box in your garden?

Ladybirds and Lacewings are attractive, delicate insects, but are also predators to aphids, greenfly and other bothersome garden pests.

Encouraging these insects can be of assistance in natural pest control in the garden.

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