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Mixed Critters

A selection of mealworms, buffalo worms, crickets and locusts.

This tasty assortment of freeze-dried insects is prepared and ready to eat. There’s un-seasoned mealworms that taste like popcorn, buffalo worms that taste like bacon, as well as nutty crickets and locusts that taste like walnuts – delicious!

An interesting topping to your pizza or pasta, these insects are high in protein and low in carbohydrates making them the ultimate low fat snack! They’re sourced from sustainable stocks and organically fed, free from artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. 

Size: 20g

Packaging: Sealed clear re-sealable pouch

Please note that cooked insects are brittle and may not arrive whole or intact following their time in transit.  

Price: £6.50

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UK Delivery: £5.75

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Ingredients & allergens

(Freeze-dried, un-seasoned ): Mealworms (Tenebrio Molitor) 35%, Buffalo Worms (Alphitobius Diaperinus) 30%, Crickets (crustaceans) (Acheta Domesticus) 20%, Locusts (crustaceans) (Locusta Migratoria) 15%.

For allergens see ingredients in bold.

Produced in a facility that processes nuts.


Insects are healthy, nutritious alternatives to mainstream staples such as chicken, pork, beef and even fish.

Many insects are rich in protein and good fats and high in calcium, iron and zinc.

Insects already form a traditional part of many regional and national diets.


Insects promoted as food emit considerably fewer greenhouse gases (GHGs) than most livestock (methane, for instance, is produced by only a few insect groups, such as termites and cockroaches).

Insect rearing is not necessarily a land-based activity and does not require land clearing to expand production. Feed is the major requirement for land.

The ammonia emissions associated with insect rearing are also far lower than those linked to conventional livestock, such as pigs.

Because they are cold-blooded, insects are very efficient at converting feed into protein (crickets, for example, need 12 times less feed than cattle, four times less feed than sheep, and half as much feed as pigs and broiler chickens to produce the same amount of protein).

Insects can be fed on organic waste streams.


Insect harvesting/rearing is a low-tech, low-capital investment option that offers entry even to the poorest sections of society.

Mini livestock offer livelihood opportunities for both urban and rural people.

Insect rearing can be low-tech or very sophisticated, depending on the level of investment.

How your purchase makes a difference

The Eden Project is an educational charity and social enterprise, changing lives and making a difference where we can. When you buy something from our shop, you're supporting our work, as all profits go to our transformational programmes.

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