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Mushroom Log

The mushroom log is either a Cornish beech or oak log harvested from local sustainable woodlands which have been inoculated with spawn from the shiitake mushroom (lentinula edodes).

A fantastic foodie gift for those who like to grow their own, our mushroom kit will allow you grow, pick and eat your very own fungi. Shiitake mushrooms originate from East Asia, and have long been thought of as a delicacy as well as an important medicinal ingredient.

The oldest record of the shiitake mushroom dates back to AD 199 at the time of Emperor Chuai in Japan, and was thought to help with liver trouble, bad circulation and even premature aging. They are now popular the world over, so why not join in the mushroom love?!

The mushroom log is perfect for those with a shady damp area in their garden. The log can be plonked outside and watered approximately once a week when the bark is dry. In the full instructions you receive with your log, we also give you some handy tips to 'shock' your log into producing mushrooms....

Your mushroom log will be fully colonised by the fungi and be ready to fruit after a short rest from travelling. The mushroom growing kit comes with full care instructions as well as helpful hints and tips in how to produce mushrooms from your logs for many years.

Approximate size: 50cm long and 10-15cm diameter. Our mushroom logs can be bought now and stored in a cool dark place (such as a garage) until Christmas.

They are wrapped in degradable bubble wrap which keeps them nice and damp until they can go outside.

Price: £32.50

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