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Olive Tree

Olea europea

These olive plants are a very attractive evergreen tree that epitomizes Mediterranean living.

The silvery grey foliage shimmers in the sunlight. The small, white, fragrant flowers go on to bear edible oval fruits.

Olives are a self fertilising plant and a good topiary subject which can be grown in a large container to bring atmosphere to your terrace.

Please note the main photograph shows a 14cm potted olive tree.

Native to:
Eventual height:
10 m
Eventual width:
10 m
Full-half hardy
Full sun
Any fertile, moist, well drained soil
Tiny, fragrant white
Grey-green above and silvery beneath
Flowering period:
June to August


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Low maintenance. Requires a sheltered, sunny site. In northern climes Olives need the protection of a sheltered south or west facing wall or grown in a conservatory. Clip to shape if required. Care should be taken to ensure that the plant is not planted too deeply.

Further information

Olives are a culinary delight. They can be pickled or cured with salt and oil. The oil is a very healthy food option. Olives also have many medicinal uses. Our Olives come in a 9cm pot, with the plant stading approximately 15cm in height, and the larger 14cm pot is a similar height but a more mature and therefore bushier plant.

How your gift is doing good

At the Eden Project we believe plants are important to the future of us and our planet. Through our gardens and Biomes we inspire visitors to reconnect with the natural world around them - and to want to help preserve it. The money you spend in the Eden webshop goes towards our environmental education programmes.

Over 40,000 under-16s from 900 different schools visit our 'living classroom' each year. They get a unique opportunity to delve deep into the rainforest and form the vital connection with their environment that inspires them to want to conserve it.

Find out more about our plans to build a canopy walkway to continue our educational work around rainforests.

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